Daniel Huard Facilitates USGBC Nevada LEED v4 Training

USGBC Nevada LEED v4 TrainingKnowing that our Humann Building Solutions Principal Daniel Huard LEED AP BD+C – LEED AP O+M contributed to the authorship of the LEED v4 Ratings Systems USGBC Nevada asked to Daniel Huard aid in the presentation of their Sustainable Saturday Education Program as he facilitates USGBC Nevada LEED v4 Training all day event.

USGBC Nevada LEED v4 Training LEED AP O+MHumann_logoThis in person event where Daniel Huard facilitates USGBC Nevada LEED v4 Training is an all-day five session webinar series event where participants will view presentations with facilitation and input by Huard which will cover in depth the technical requirements of the LEED v4 Building Operations and Maintenance (O + M) rating systems. The series will cover each credit category, touch on every prerequisite and credit, and highlight differences specific to project type adaptations. In each session the participants will also gain essential knowledge for successful implementation of the rating systems by learning credit intents, key concepts, requirements, strategies, referenced standards and synergies within all credit categories of the rating systems.

The training event occurs on November 8th, 2014 at the InNEVation Center 3rd Floor, 6795 Edmond St, Las Vegas, NV 89118 here is a link for registration > http://www.usgbcnv.org/event-1771791


About Daniel Huard, Humann Building Solutions

Daniel has been active in Green Building for over 25 years, with an ongoing commitment to mentoring, service and leadership contributing to National Fenestration Rating Council as their 2017 and 2018 Board of Directors Vice Chair and Governance Chair, IWBI, ASHRAE, Association of Energy Engineers, USGBC’s LEED Technical Committee, USGBC Water Efficiency Technical Advisory Group as their 2018 Committee Chair, former – USGBC Western Regional Council Chairperson, USGBC Nevada President, and as well founded the Las Vegas Valley Living Building Challenge Collaborative serving as Nevada’s ILFI Ambassador. Daniel as well currently serves the U.S. DOE contributing to their Building Envelope Tech Team and has served as Technical Subject Matter Expert to the US Department of the Interior since 2009. As a former League of Indian Nations of North America Ambassador to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, Daniel focused on international sustainability programs, social and educational programs and native rights recognition and advocacy.

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